Reaching International


Walk2Reach’s mission is to mobilize Christians to walk and raise support to reach the souls of those who have yet to hear the Gospel in other countries while praying for the salvation of family and friends here in the United States.

The Purpose:

  • To show the body of Christ is united in its effort to win souls.
  • To mobilize the Christian community to be involved in soul winning.
  • To help local and international ministries spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ using the funds raised through Walk2Reach.

100% of the funds raised will be used to support the missions projects of the local churches and organizations who participate, as well as the worldwide efforts of Walk2Reach. Fifty percent of the total funds raised by partnering churches or nonprofit organizations support their ministry project. The remaining fifty percent is used to fund the ministry projects of Walk2Reach. Our fundraising model is not designed to collect funds from our partners’ existing donor base, but to provide the necessary tools for their donor base to use outside relationships to bring in new donations to the organization.

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